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Nick Cupitt

What I Have Learnt Has Changed My Life!
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Client from Engadine

Before Nick Cupitt (before)
After Nick Cupitt (after)

I joined Vision PT Engadine in December 2018, I had been part of sporting teams and gyms before but nothing quite measured up to here.

When I started my mentor program, I hardly knew anything about nutrition and my cardiovascular fitness was really poor. However, what changed my life was what I learnt within the mentor program particularly about people's circle of influence and either the positive or negative effect it can have on an individual.

I was happy with my transformation getting down to 11% body fat and dropping over 6kgs. In saying this, the positive impacts it had on my mental health is what I was so thankful for. Even to this day, I still eat the same food, just more of it. I'm looking forward to using what I learnt in the mentor program to help my Clients and compete in more fitness events which I hadn't done previously.

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