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Monica Skrout

I have developed more confidence trying new things that I never thought I could achieve!
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Client from Engadine

Before Monica Skrout (before)
After Monica Skrout (after)

Vision is not like any other gym I have been to before. I decided to join Vision after constantly feeling tired, run down and unhappy with the way I looked and having a few medical issues as well. I was nervous to start but once I stepped inside everyone was smiling and friendly, not just the trainers but the clients too.

I have been with Vision for 8 months now and have lost 10kg, gained muscle and strength and have overcome my medical conditions. I have learnt to look differently at food, it's my friend! I have developed more confidence trying new things and doing things I thought I could never achieve!

My trainer Jess is phenomenal, she is always there for me answering my many questions and constantly pushing me to achieve more! The Vision app is a fantastic tool that helped me plan and track my meals and training. It taught me to meal prep so I won't retreat to bad habits.

The shopping tours and seminars always teach me something new every time. I truly enjoy the group classes, they are always fun and challenging. Vision is a family and all the trainers are amazing and always willing to help and give advice. I am still learning and developing my body and mind but the greatest advice I have learnt from vision is that 'it's not a diet it's a lifestyle'.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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