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Michelle Rowsell

10.65kg lost and 47cm lost
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Client from Wollongong

Before Michelle Rowsell (before)
After Michelle Rowsell (after)

I have been overweight for many years, I felt very self-conscious of the way I looked and was disappointed I could not dress in the latest fashions because I was a size 16 plus. I hated exercise and loved food, I was constantly hungry. The foods I chose and loved were not necessarily bad for me but it was the quantity I was eating and the amount of times I was eating throughout the day and evening was not healthy for me.

I decided to join Vision Personal Training after my youngest son got great results and lost 20 kg over 12 months.

Throughout my journey I've learnt a lot about food, how to read labels on packaging, and what sort of foods were healthier for me. Eating 5 meals a day doing my Personal Training Sessions and daily classes, I soon noticed the weight falling off me. I'm so proud at what I've achieved, it has been a lot of hard work pain and tears but well worth it for the results I see today. I'm a fitter, stronger and more confident person now.

I would like to thank my Vision Personal Trainer Jamie, and the rest of the Vision Team. I have made a lots of new likeminded friends, I will continue to make Vision part of my routine.

I would highly recommend Vision Personal Training to everyone who wants to lose weight, tone up, and be a fitter, happy and healthier person. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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