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Melissa Lampard

I no longer feel tired after work!
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Client from Engadine

Before Melissa Lampard (before)
After Melissa Lampard (after)

Before I started at Vision, I was doing very little exercise and after work felt lethargic and generally lacked motivation. I was reluctant to join a gym as I had previously felt uncomfortable at other gyms I had attended.

A friend who already attended Vision Engadine recommended I try it using the friends and family trial and assured me it wasn't like other gyms! That was six months ago and I haven't looked back since!

Over the last six months I have learnt a lot about nutrition and using the food diary to track my meals keeps me accountable and aware of what I am eating.

The family vibe at the Studio makes showing up so easy and everyone is so friendly and encouraging! There is always lots of laughter and support. Through PT sessions and group training my fitness levels have increased and I have lost 15kg which is great and I no longer feel tired after work!

The trainers are all so welcoming and supportive, helping you to achieve your best outcomes and keeping you accountable. The seminars are a great way to learn about different aspects of health and nutrition to keep you on the right path!

I am so glad I have found Vision and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to start their health and fitness journey!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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