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Matthew Probert

I'm extremely happy with what I achieved
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Client from Engadine

Before Matthew Probert (before)
After Matthew Probert (after)

Wow what a journey!  I have certainly enjoyed my time training at Vision.

Being an Assistant Principal and a father of 2, my weight had got the better of me.  I had reached a point where I realised, I needed to do something about my health for everyone's benefit.  The Vision 9 Week Challenge worked perfectly for me as I am extremely time poor and having a set time to work towards my goals allowed me to be focused on the results.  My Personal Trainer Trent was extremely helpful and dedicated to providing support and guidance.

I had always been active and played professional cricket so knew what I was capable of, I just needed to stop making excuses. The Friday morning weigh in kept me accountable through the whole 9 weeks.

I also really enjoyed the group training sessions, especially the boxing in the morning and the burner/cross training sessions at night.

Vision allowed me to train in the hours that worked for me and my family and using the food diary through VVT, my eating was also sorted.  I pretty much didn't have to think as my food and training plans were already thought through every week.  This allowed me to align my work schedule.

I am also grateful of the whole team for helping me, Jess with her nutrition seminars and shopping tours, Jeremy "Warnie" and Nathan leading boxing sessions, Julie with her "bottom line" sessions and Josh leading Burner and Revive.

The Vision 9 Week Challenge was certainly both a physical and mental challenge but having access to the Vision Team allowed me to work through this successfully, including achieving my goals set for the 9 weeks.  I'm extremely happy with what I achieved through Vision Personal Training and would highly recommend anyone to join.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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