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Mary Baxter

Lifestyle Overhaul
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Client from Wollongong | Trainer: Scott Garlepp


In my early years I did have yoyoing weight gain and loss but not major fluctuations, I didn’t do fad diets just worked on my diet and seemed to be able to control it. Reaching my early forties, my fight with weight gain became more of a problem as it became more of a mental fight than the physical. Emotional eating became a very bad habit for me and at this time I was probably doing more physical exercise than I had ever done before.

I wasn’t a sedentary person I was walking every daily, I was tap dancing at least twice a week and had joined a gym when the Zumba craze was in full swing – but when any major events happened in my life, I would fall apart become anxious and depressed and turn again to food for comfort. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and blood pressure that I had to come to terms that my weight gain was not going to be easy to lose – I needed to open myself up and ask for help. I then started my journey under my doctor’s supervision working on my diet - I was walking and I would go to Zumba for fun, but the doctor would always tell me at my age I needed more in the way of exercise for my muscle tone and weight loss.

I had a close friend who belonged to Vision and would always tell me how they are happy they joined and that “I would like it” – “it would be good for me”! They didn’t push me to come along as they knew that I needed to mentally as well as physically want to join in. Joining Vision Wollongong has become a very positive move for my mental and physical wellbeing. I was amazed at the beginning how so very comfortable in the studio I was. My trainer, Scott has been very supportive and encouraging on my journey. Always positive when I achieved a goal that we had set. He has listened when I would mention different things I would like to achieve – like being able to run to the second lamp post! He has been there to assist and talk to when I would feel like I was struggling, especially over the last few months during our Covid lockdown.

I was so excited to return to the Studio when lockdown finished. I would recommend Vision PT to others as a place where everyone is welcome, and even though you are an individual in your PT sessions with your trainer, there is a feeling in the studio that you are all there as a group and have the same goal. I just feel so much better over this last year since joining – I call it my “happy place”!

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