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Mark Bradley

Lost 11.5kg and 10% body fat
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Darlinghurst

Mark Bradley (after)


With a high demanding job that requires a lot of travel, I could see that my overall health had taken a back seat and in the past four years had stacked on an extra 15 kilos. I knew I needed help and if I was going to get anywhere, motivation was going to be the key.

What I really love about Vision was the personalised approach that they have towards their clients. I sat down with Nick and together created and focused on short term goals, the main one being that I wanted to reach 95kg's by March. He developed a really simple meal plan for me to ensure that I was ticking all the boxes across carbs, fat and protein plus a mix of cardio and weight training. We also looked at exercises in and out of the studio to mix things up a bit and a couple of cardio hacks if I know I will be away and/or entertaining or out on the weekend. 

Since joining Vision, I managed to reach my short-term goal weight by March, in that same time my body fat percentage had fallen from 32% to 22% and I have gone from exercising from two days to six days a week.

For people who are looking to make changes their lifestyle and get back into health and fitness, without a doubt work with a trainer, not only does it help you reach your goals faster it's more fun!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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