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Liam Hodge

I am down just over 10kgs and proud to walk next to my wife and kids.
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Client from Engadine | Trainer: Kim Culvan

Before Liam-Before
After Liam-After

I had struggled with my weight for a long time and at the beginning of 2023 I was very unwell. The illness rendered me immobile, and I was unable to walk for about 3 months. This mounted up on my mental health and I felt like I was spiralling. I had just visited a psychologist and I knew something had to change. As I walked past Vision, Julie waved and smiled at me, this pushed me to go down the stairs where I met Nathan at the door. Nathan was warm and welcoming, making me feel comfortable and supported. He booked me in for a chat with Julie the next day, little did he know that it was this meeting that saved my life. I could not see past the next day and without this meeting, I felt I had no purpose or direction, I was hurting, and I was unable to cope with the pain that this had caused me.

The instant I signed up the team welcomed me with open arms and have supported me on a journey of change that now has me not only focused on weight loss, but on eating better, drinking less, and living a better lifestyle. Conor always offering a supportive word, Luke guiding me through classes and always pushing me a little bit harder and Kim just being awesome, listening, caring and supportive, could not ask for a more amazing person to be paired with.

Change in lifestyle, I was probably drinking my way to a number of health issues in the future and overall, not having anything to focus on. Now I have a clearer focus and am drinking significantly less with a more balanced diet. I am down just over 10kgs, and my shirts/pants fit better, I don't hate myself and can be proud to walk next to my wife and kids.

Continuing to work on my weight loss goal, my target is 90kgs (which I have not been in over 20 years). I have made a promise to myself that when I hit this target, I will get a tattoo that I have always wanted but been ashamed to get because I would not be able to take my shirt off. Now I feel like I would be able to get this and be proud.

I will always be grateful for that day that Nathan did not push me aside, it was his welcome that brought me in, and I genuinely believe that I would not be here if this meeting went another way. Thanks Nathan!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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