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Lawrence Owen

Mindset Shift
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Client from Rose Bay

Lawrence Owen (after)

Lawrence walked into the Studio initially thinking he could out-train his excess body fat without having to focus on his nutrition.

After a period of time getting no results and a few home truths Lawrence' mindset started to shift towards slightly changing his nutrition and alcohol habits, not a complete lifestyle shift just fine-tuning.

As an example, part of a morning breakfast included 4 rashers of bacon we reduced to 2 and added 2 egg whites to decrease calories x 7 days per week is 14 rashers of bacon less and 14 egg whites more whilst still enjoying bacon, win win.

After seeing some results to these slight adjustments since then Lawrence has been all ears re tweaking his nutrition.

We ensure alcohol is included in his lifestyle however reduced and that he continues to enjoy the foods he loves, yes, chocolate, ice cream etc.

In the last 15 months since joining our community Lawrence has lost 10kg of body fat totalling in an overall 9kg reduction in body fat as a by-product to his complete mindset shift with his nutrition.

Notice the last thing mentioned in this success story is exercise, Lawrence maintains his muscle mass and fitness levels by doing two personal training sessions and 1 or 2 group sessions per week, also frequently travels interstate for work and plans his travel around his training and will do a run or walk when in other states.

It would be very easy for Lawrence to say 'I don't have time', he does, as we all do, he just makes his exercise and nutrition choices more of a priority thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle and his results.

Well done Lawrence.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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