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Laura Browning

"I honestly feel like I'm a different person"
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Client from Gymea

Before Laura Browning (before)
After Laura Browning (after)

I initially joined Vision as I received a 9 week gift voucher from my parents for Christmas. At the time I thought I felt good however looking back now I wasn't. I was always tired and my emotional state was up and down. The simple things like walking up a flight of stairs was challenging and I always just thought it was because I wasn't fit, I was wrong.  

Joining Vision was something I was interested in doing as I just watched my cousin absolutely transform her body and outlook on life and thought this is something I could do. I was very hesitant as I kept thinking I'm not a sports or gym person however I thought I would give it a go as I knew deep down I needed to do something. 9 weeks past and there was no way I was going anywhere as my journey was just getting started. 

To date I have lost an amazing 33kg since joining in January 2013. My fitness level is currently at the highest it has ever been and I actually enjoy going to the Studio and exercising, i can't believe I said that. I honestly feel like I'm a different person. I'm happier within myself and my confidence has grown. I always thought I was a happy person but now I really am happy on the inside and out. The feeling that I get when I walk into a shop and I can buy anything it's so rewarding and this is something I never want to loss. 

I honestly believe that having the continuous support and encouragement from my Trainer, and the whole team at Vision Personal Training Gymea has enable me to get the results I have. A huge "Thank You" to the whole team!!! 


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