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Lara Benwell

Lost 5.2kg, 5% Body Fat, 6cm from her Waist
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Client from Darlinghurst

Lara Benwell (after)


I was lucky enough to win a 2 week free trial with Vision Personal Training, when my fantastic PT Nick was promoting a contest for the Darlinghurst Studio. I had always wanted a Personal Trainer and would say it was something I would do eventually - which I realize now never would have happened if I hadn't of won!

I was too scared, I thought I was too unfit, wouldn't be able to afford it, wouldn't be able to fit it around my busy schedule and had a stereotypical idea of what it would be like, a hulk shouting at me to go harder.

When I first started, I was very unhappy with my health. I was tired ALL the time, I had put on so much weight I couldn't fit in any of my clothes without them digging into me, I was eating when I felt stressed or upset and I was very physically unfit, I couldn't run for more than five minutes without wanting to quit. 

Initially I really wanted to lose weight, just to feel comfortable in my clothes again, but after my nutrition sessions with Nick, I realized how my bad eating habits were affecting so much in my life. For a very long time I would only eat one meal a day, either because I thought it would help me control or lose weight, or because I felt I was too busy and didn't have the time to cook. This is the first time in years where I've eaten over 3 meals a day and it's awesome! I never feel hungry, I never feel guilty, I'm losing weight and through Vision Personal Training, I now understand how food and exercise can give you so much more energy. 

So far, I've achieved all the goals I had set out to, losing 5.2 kgs, running 7km in 45 minutes, building muscle, being able to do a push up! Next week I'm about to run a 14km marathon which I never would have done without the encouragement of Vision. 

This is literally one of the best things I've ever done. Every Trainer at Vision is awesome, you walk in and everyone greets you or is happy to give advice and make conversation, it makes you feel like you're a part of such a community and so supported. My PT Nick is fantastic - his positivity, knowledge and enthusiasm is endless and has made this experience the best it could have been. From daily texts checking in to see how I'm doing or offering words of encouragement to his vast understanding of how each exercise affects the body both physically and mentally, I feel very lucky.

I was amazed with the results - even in the first two weeks I was noticing changes, especially mentally. I had always had trouble sleeping and would nod off at 3am and drag myself out of bed in the morning. Now I wake up at 7am most mornings and actually feel awake, it's like I've gained half a day! I start the day having achieved something with training and it puts your mind in such a good state, I have felt so much happier since starting my training. 

I feel this is an investment in my future to maintain a happier and healthier body and mind. I would definitely recommend Vision Personal Training to others, if you're ready to make a change but you're not sure how, or need that support network, you couldn't ask for a better more qualified team. Thanks to Nick and the Team at Darlinghurst Vision, I'm the happiest I've been in a long time.

Thank you all!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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