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Krissy Schmidt

I'm loving the results!
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Client from Darlinghurst

Before Krissy Schmidt (before)
After Krissy Schmidt (after)

"These guys are miracle workers. The Trainers actually care and truly want the best results for their Clients. It's the first time I have ever committed to a healthy lifestyle/routine and I'm loving the results! I can't imagine not having Rowan and the team at Vision in my life now. And props to them for putting up with my whinging and swearing and moaning. I love them all'' Krissy Schmidt

When Krissy joined Vision Personal Training Darlinghurst, her goal was to lose 5kgs and lose 7cm from her waist over her first 9 weeeks. She actually lost 8kgs and 8cms from her waist, 8cms from her chest and 5cms from her hips.

During her first 9 weeks, Krissy changed her habits with alcohol and eating completely. Where she would normally either go to the pub after work with friends or have a few glasses of wine at home, she would now come to the Studio and spend up to an hour working out by herself, attending Group Training or Personal Training sessions with her Trainer. Her meticulous food preparation and exercise regime were a stark contrast to anything she had done before, but because she wanted her goals enough, Krissy made sure she did everything possible to achieve them.

Krissy has now found a great balance between work, lifestyle and her training. She is down to her lightest weight and is feeling fitter and stronger than ever. Over the last 2-3 months Krissy's commitment to her training has been second to none, attending more Group Training sessions than anyone else over that period.

Someone who could light up any room, Krissy's presence makes the Studio a much more fun place to be. She has made many good friends at Vision and is someone who always encourages everyone else to push themselves as hard as she has over the last year.

Overall Krissy has lost 10kgs, 14cms from her waist, 11cms from her hips and dropped 8% body fat. Something she can be really proud of.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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