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Ken Porter

I am really enjoying the success I am having with my new found lease of life!!
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Client from Engadine

Ken Porter (after)


Before beginning my training program at Vision, I was an overweight (101kg), Type 1 Diabetic who had suffered two strokes.

I had difficulty walking and had significant pain and stiffness in my shoulder. However, after 2 months at Vision with my Trainer Julie, I now weigh 96 kg but most importantly I have more movement, less pain and can walk much more easily. I am even able to negotiate stairs.

Another benefit has been better control of my diabetes (best it has been in 10 years) which has helped my mood, motivation and ability to get back to a much more 'normal' life.

Thank you to the Vision Engadine team for the ongoing encouragement and my results so far. While it is not always easy, I am really enjoying the success I am having and I look forward to more improvements in the future.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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