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Karen Thrussell

12kgs lighter, 4 years younger and a whole lot stronger!
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Client from Surrey Hills | Trainer: Ashild Tessnes

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I joined 5 years ago just after being cleared for 1 year from quite a significant abdominal sarcoma cancer. Recovery and strength was difficult, I could hardly walk up the stairs without holding on and stopping many times for breath. My fitness was poor and had gained alot of weight post surgery and radiation. I had 2 teenage daughters and was trying to work and run a family and often felt very fatigued.

I am truly grateful to Vision for the consistency, encouragement, not too much emphasis on only weight loss (unless thats what you want). Though I did want that, I wanted to get my strength and fitness back more. Very friendly and supportive community environment. The MyVision App has helped me learn far more about macronutrients and how to balance food intake far more healthily. I have also dealt with some very emotional personal issues in the last year and the Vision Team have been wonderful supporting me through this also. In fact consistent exercise has helped enormously with the stress from this situation.

Overall I believe I have lost 12kgs since I started with most of it being in the last 2 years. My strength, flexibility and overall energy has improved significantly. I feel very strong and capable now. My mental strength also has improved as a result too. My understanding of nutrition and fitness is also better than it was. Consistency is key for me, it is far better for weight to come off slower and stay off and equally build up stronger muscle tone over time.

I can run up the studio stairs without getting puffed! I feel like I am consistently lifting heavier weights. I have lost fat and gained muscle. My biological age has dropped 4 years! Considering the health challenges I had this was exciting to see that progress.

Consistent exercise is a habit that becomes enjoyable in a friendly supportive and professional environment. Whatever your goals are whether weight loss, improved strength, cardio fitness or general well being, Vision can support and encourage these goals towards a healthier lifestyle. It just becomes part of your day and weeks activities. Professional trainers provide excellent resources and encouragement to get you where you want to be.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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