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Kalina Ford Gunatilake

I now believe anything is possible after being Weight Loss Challenge Winner!
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Client from Engadine

Before Kalina Ford-Gunatilake (before)
After Kalina Ford-Gunatilake (after)

The team at Vision Personal Training, Engadine and the 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge have changed my life and the lives of those closest to me. I suffered a severe spinal injury whilst working as a paramedic, had several major surgeries, spent 2 years in a wheelchair and was diagnosed with depression.

Against all odds and the doctors expected outlook, I learnt to walk again and shortly after broke medical records by delivering my 2 beautiful girls naturally. Before the 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge, I was very physically limited, very overweight, had no confidence and struggled with my day to day life.

With the amazing support of the whole Vision family I have lost 15.1kg in just 9 weeks, but to me it's not the weight loss that is most important, it is the strength, flexibility, healthy mind and outlook that is so much better.

I can now take care of myself and my 2 daughters. Before this, I couldn't bath them, get down on the ground to play with them and struggled to even pick them up. Now I am doing it all.

My whole family thinks the world Vision Personal Training for the way it has given me my life back. I look in the mirror now and see the happy, healthy and fun girl that I was before my injury. It has been a long road to see and feel that!

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