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Julie Graham

I have transformed my life for the better!!
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Client from Engadine

Before Julie Graham (before)
After Julie Graham (after)

Wow, what a journey!!

Looking back I thought I was happy and confident but deep down I didn't like myself for the way I felt and looked. I did the numerous fads and diets to lose weight and I did lose some kilos but it wasn't enough. A friend convinced me to give Vision Personal Training Bangor a call, so I did. As soon as I walked through the Studio doors I knew this was for me even though I was nervous. Five years on I have not only lost the weight and maintained the smaller version of me, I am fitter, have totally changed my lifestyle but I am now one of the Personal Trainers at the Studio. Identifying my emotional triggers and receiving education on balancing great nutrition and exercise has been a god send. Personally I cannot thank the Personal Trainers enough for helping me turn my life around.

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