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John Green

10.1kgs and 22cm lost
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Client from Wollongong

Before John Green (before)
After John Green (after)

I thought I was happy within myself, but I wasn't. I was moody, tired, getting overweight and drinking too much, with health issues, my blood counts were way out of range.  I had tried other exercise previously with no real continued commitment. Nothing seemed to work and it was all too hard with no direction or support. Training most days with no real result, considering the amount of effort.  

How easy it really is to live and feel healthier and how little I knew about my body. If you take the small amount of time to learn it's simple. You are what you eat/drink and you can't out exercise bad nutrition. Exercise is really only 30% as Vision has taught me.

First of all, I am much healthier and EVERYONE of my blood counts are now in range. Now at 50, that's a huge benefit. I sleep better and feel great during the day, I am a much happier person. I started this journey with my wife Rhona, we have grown together and enjoyed each other's support. (most of the time). Don't hesitate, commit yourself, you will enjoy the learning process and the many benefits that will come your way. My daughter and next door neighbour have seen our results and are now members of the Vision family. We have seen some amazing results and met some great people along the way.



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