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John Davidson

Lost 26 kg in 9 weeks. National weight Loss Challenge Winner
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Client from Gymea

Before John Davidson (before)
After John Davidson (after)

I was reluctant to enter Vision's 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge and only did so on the insistence of my trainer. I soon realised that this was a blessing because it gave me the spur on that I needed. I'd just returned to training after a layoff due to work commitments and renovations on my house. During this time I did little exercise and returned to some very poor eating habits. I had put on a lot of weight, had very little energy and felt sluggish and unfit. After sitting down with my PT Darren, we completely overhauled my diet and set in place a strict training program.I want to thank Darren for changing my life as I know I will never return to my old ways and will be forever grateful for his knowledge and friendship. I was so inspired by the journey that i have now become a Vision Franchise owner and love inspiring others in the local community. 



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