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John Archer

I have lost 15kgs, lost 15% body fat and re-shaped my body
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Client from Engadine

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Age will eventually catch up with you.  After a lifetime of not worrying about my weight, body image or exercise, I made a bet with a friend to get into shape.  I was just feeling tired all the time.  My daughter was going to Vision Engadine at that time and she always spoke of how helpful the trainers were there.  I joined with the expectation that six months would be enough to shed excess weight and re-adjust my diet.

I did start to lose excess weight but, six years later, I am still coming to Vision Engadine.  The "gym" is now more of a social events calendar than a chore.  Group sessions of Boxing, Cardio, Burner etc are a fun way to exercise and stay motivated.  Nine-week goals are a consistent part of my year now - even though I may not be fully achieving them.

I have now lost 15kgs, lost 15% body fat and re shaped my body.  I have had to buy so many new clothes and business suits that I now rival my wife in shopping at Miranda.  But I have also learned that dieting and exercise are a long-term journey made up of little steps and cheat days; concentrated physical activity and a month off to go on holidays; educating myself on food and applying that knowledge each and every day.

Along the Vision journey, I have trained with wonderful Vision trainers.  All trainers are different.  However, they are all intensely dedicated to their client's success.  They will encourage.  Now my wife has started at Vision as well.  The two of us are eating better, sleeping better and managing our lifestyle in a healthier manner.


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