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Joe Scerri

20kgs Lost & 2 Half Marathons!
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Client from Wollongong | Trainer: Kaillum Key

Before Joe-Before
After Joe-After

I have always lacked confidence due to bullying in my school years and got worse as years went on about my weight. So when I was at school I used to always think of excuses not to do sports as I was not confident in running as would lose breath after 100m. I was not a person who would talk to people due to a lack of confidence as I did not know how to. Even before I started at Vision at the age of 37, I was going to another gym and still could not feel comfortable going there due to me not looking like the macho men there! I was always making excuses not to go to any gyms or do any exercises as in my head I was fat as I was always told at school and in my head, I will always be fat so I thought what is the point.

Learning about the nutrition side of things at Vision was fascinating as I could not believe how important it was to eat properly as I always thought the more exercise you do the weight would come off. I also learnt to gain self-confidence as it showed me who I really was. Having been at Vision has helped me achieve things I would never think I would do in my life! 2 half marathons completed, long walks and other fun runs and learning how to better myself in eating and exercise habits.

I believe Vision is the place to go if you feel uncomfortable at a normal gym. We are all there to achieve the same thing, not to out do anyone else. Being a studio compared to other gyms is definitely far better in my opinion, as easy its to make friends, the trainers are awesome and really do care about your goals.

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