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Joanne Grinage Casasola

I'm so strong and vibrant now!
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Client from Engadine

Before Joanne Grinage-Casasola (before)
After Joanne Grinage-Casasola (after)

My journey started in 2013.  Pierre, My Son and Personal Trainer at Vision Engadine had been encouraging me for some time to look at my lifestyle and commit to working toward a positive, healthy change.  I am a Registered Nurse and work rotating shifts so my schedule was the most prevalent excuse I used to neglect my health.


I had been active and at a healthy weight during most of my life but my last two pregnancies when I was 39 and 43 years of age changed my lifestyle and attitude.  I developed poor eating habits, became a carboholic and didn't exercise.  I had zero commitment to myself.  


I began my journey slowly only becoming serious in late 2016.  I have often been my own worst enemy and habits developed over the past 15 years were hard to break.  However, with the constant support of my Son and Trainer I have slowly begun to unpack and destroy any negative approaches and thoughts on health and lifestyle.  I track my food and exercise in VVT, sometimes not perfectly but I am a work in progress.  Vision's approach has led me to a 21 kg weight loss so far.  I'm so strong and vibrant now, people can't believe I'm 59 years of age.  


I love working out, especially weight training as it allows me to be far more effective in my very physical role as a Registered Nurse.  I cherish the family vibe at Vision Engadine, the studio is awesome.  The support and friendship that flows through the studio is phenomenal.  I will never again lose focus on myself or my healthy life path.  I have my Son and the Vision Engadine family to thank for that.  


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