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Joanne Amor

I have lost 16kg so far and I feel so much better!
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Client from Engadine

Before Joanne Amor (before)
After Joanne Amor (after)

My Vision journey so far began after a big injury and huge weight gain on top of already being overweight. Prior to my injury I trained in martial arts up to 5 times a week but was unable to continue after the injury, I gained around 20kg.  Feeling pretty unhappy and teary all the time, I hated the sight of myself or the thought of anybody touching me, I was starting to not want to go anywhere because I felt awful and would have to find something to wear. I decided it was time - time for me, my relationship and to feel good.

I had my first appointment with Jeremy and came out feeling excited but a little overwhelmed at the thought of attending 3-4 times a week to begin with thinking how am I going to fit this in my life now and can I do it I'm so fat and unfit and I haven't done any exercise for 5 years, will it flare up my pain/injury. So many negative thoughts running through my head. But my determination to change my life and be happy pushed me through those doors. From day 1 I was made to feel part of a huge supportive family.

VVT/tracking food kept me motivated and accountable. I now attend everyday going to 2 PT sessions and many group sessions per week. I have found my mojo again and am loving it. I have lost 16kg so far and I feel so much better and am actually starting to like myself.  I have surprised myself that I am even starting to enjoy running and looking forward to attending some events that are coming up. Can't wait to get to my goal and get into what's next.

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