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Jayne Leadbetter

If you think life begins at 40 then wait until you’re in your 60's!
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Client from Randwick | Trainer: Trent Fitzpatrick

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I’ve tried various gyms in the UK and Sydney over the years and never fit in, I would go once, made to feel hopeless, slink out the door and end up in the pub. But with Vision Randwick, despite being nervous, I felt like I fit in straight away. The clients are of all ages and very supportive thanks to the owner Trent’s personality and sense of humour (totally sick sometimes, my kind of humour). He’s created a multicultural, inclusive and fun environment in his gym where people of all demographics and fitness levels are made to feel welcome.

I’ve changed my diet, and cut out alcohol, thanks to the MyVision App. With my personal trainer’s encouragement, (and subtle nagging.) I’ve lost over 13 kilos since July. I’m eating healthier, and because of my exercise routine and goal-setting, I’ve maintained the same weight for over two months.

People who have known me for years think an alien has taken over my brain as I just want to run everywhere I go. Inspired by my favourite activity and Vision’s Run Club which is at 6 am, even if I am at the back, I’m motivated to push harder. It’s a small group and I ran 10 km last month, which isn’t bad for someone my age who has never run before, no matter what level you are at, everyone can join in.

The group training sessions are so much fun too, I’m a teacher and studying at Uni and classes are held both early in the morning and evenings, so they fit in with various working hours. In the classes, the personal trainers constantly correct your technique and push you to achieve your best.

We even competed in the Tough Mudder in Picton in October, which was way out of my comfort zone but with our personal trainers there to spur us on, we had an amazing day and I intend to do it again next year. I’ve taken up boxing too.

If you think life begins at 40 then wait until you’re in your 60s. But whatever age you are, I really recommend you join Vision Randwick, trust me you’ll love it. The clients, the trainers and especially the owner Trent are all encouraging and supportive and I honestly feel that every aspect of my life, physical, mental and emotional has been made more positive due to exercising at the gym.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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