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Brad Allen

The best training experience I have ever had!
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Client from Randwick | Trainer: Trent Fitzpatrick

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I always considered myself to be relatively lean and healthy. Until I wasn’t. Stairs were a chore, the middle-age paunch was a source of unhappiness and keeping up with the eight-year-old was becoming an issue. My wife had been keeping herself fit for several years and had recently joined Vision at Randwick to help her with her muscle building goals. She patiently and persistently suggested that I join as well. I finally did and it was the best decision I have made about my health for years.

The team at Vision have the knowledge and tools to help anyone improve their diet and put in place an exercise program that is consistent with their health and fitness goals. No fads, no gimmicks, no unsustainable or dangerous shortcuts. Just commonsense, up to date evidence-based programs, tailored for you and teamed with an easy to use app. to keep track of it all.

More importantly, the team genuinely care about their clients and are passionate about supporting everyone they work with to make consistent progress towards their goals. They also put in an amazing amount of effort to build a community and it shows. The gym is a place where everyone, no matter what their age and stage, is made to feel welcome and encouraged. Fostering such an environment is not easy and the team at Vision Randwick should be justifiably proud of what they have created and are continuing to build.

As for me, I have lost over 13 kilos, shifted my body fat percentage from 24% to 16% and I am on track to push that down to the low teens in the coming weeks. Thank you, Trent, Renata and Valentina. The last four months have been the best training experience I have ever had and I am looking forward to training with all of you for many years to come.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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