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Janine Mcglynn

Lost 7.6kg, Dropped 2 Dress Sizes
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Client from Darlinghurst

Janine McGlynn (after)


I first came to Vision, Darlinghurst after suffering a severe wrist injury. I wanted to return to optimum health through physical exercise and healthy eating.  My son, Nick Burden was also working as a Personal Trainer at Vision Darlinghurst, so to be trained by Nick was very special.

In the few months, I have trained at Vision, I have lost 8 centimetres from my bust, waist and hips and lost nearly 8kg. That equates to me being 2 dress sizes smaller. I have more energy and feel great both physically and mentally.  I have also met some great people through the Studio.

It has reminded me that setting goals, striving towards your goals and then achieving your goals and resetting new ones is both satisfying and important to living the best life you can. I am also a firm believer in preventative health. I hope to inspire middle aged women like me to get in there and get moving while continuing my own Vision Personal Training experience. "Exercise is fun!"

Thank you, Nick,! Thank you, Vision!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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