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Janelle Taylor

Lost 15kg and holidays just as actively as in my 20s
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Client from Bundall

Before Janelle Taylor (before)
After Janelle Taylor (after)

Janelle is one of Vision Bundall's first clients in 2010. Nellie's original goal was to get into her skiing pants better than they were fitting at the time for her ski holiday and feel fit enough to keep up. Nellie smashed that goal and has never looked back. Over the last 6 years Nellie has participated in many Vision Bundall events and been part of many group sessions while doing her PT sessions. Michelle and Nellie have travelled with other Visionaries to Marathons in New York and Port Douglas, hiking through the Milford Track in New Zealand and plenty more ideas and places still to go.

Nellie knows too well the importance of good nutrition not just for weight loss and the benefits of Weight training is imperative for all women for bone density and moving furniture!!!

Nellie works in a busy Gold Coast hospital and knows that regular structured programs for both meals and exercise are the key to keeping thing professional in an often stressful environment.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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