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James Hall

I have more energy and my outlook is much more positive.
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Client from Darlinghurst

Before James Hall (before)
After James Hall (after)

I had been asking questions about Personal Trainers and weight loss with my friends and the Vision name came up multiple times. I decided to check it out and booked an introductory appointment with the team. I was impressed by the holistic approach to exercise as well as food and mood.

I wasn't happy with my fitness. My life was being impacted both physically and mentally. I could run around with the kids without losing my breath. I wasn't happy with my body and the lack of exercise was impacting my moods. I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror. 

I first set out to achieve weight loss and to learn the skills to maintain it. 

AT Christmas time I was 104kg and at last weight in I was 88kg. I haven't been below 90kg for 15 years. My new goal is 85 kg.

My moods are better, I have significantly more energy and my outlook is much more positive.

My biggest challenge has been psychological. Initially I was motivated by anger at myself but as I progressed this anger changed into a belief in myself that I could do this. My trainer Anita was a great support with this and always had confidence in me. Setting challenges and celebrating them once achieved. Now I have a much more positive outlook and know that I can back myself into any challenge and push myself harder than I ever had before. Before starting with vision the furthest I had ever run was 3km. My new record is 14km and I hope to complete a half marathon this year.

 Learning new eating habits was also a challenge

The vision app has been great for teaching me the nutritional value of foods and being able to compare them prior to purchase. I can make an informed choice now and I'm learning better eating habits.

The program is one that covers all aspects of a healthy life and provides the right tools and training to maintain it. This is the key difference between vision and other PT choices.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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