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Grace & Angela Robinson

Overall Health
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Client from Kogarah

Grace & Angela Robinson (after)

My daughter Angela began her journey at Vision Kogarah over a year ago. Her goal was to increase her fitness and energy levels so that she could enjoy a good balance between school, study and free time.

I started about six months after Angela and it has become more than just a place and time to work towards achieving fitness. It offers us the opportunity to have mother/ daughter time together doing something we both enjoy.

We motivate each other to stay committed and on track with either our food choices or exercise goals. The trainers at Vision Kogarah are both friendly and professional. They are always willing to offer helpful advice.

Trying new ways to work out is fun as well as challenging so the boredom factor of exercising is eliminated. Consistency is key and committing to small changes has helped to make exercise an enjoyable and rewarding part of our everyday life.

Thanks to all at Vision Kogarah. Grace and Angela Robinson

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