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Geoff Cornish

Bodybuilding Competition
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Client from Kogarah

Before Geoff Cornish (before)
After Geoff Cornish (after)

I've been weight training off and on for the last 20 years, but over 2 years ago I joined Vision Personal Training Kogarah. My trainer at Vision Dimitri is a bodybuilder and he and others suggested to me that I had the body type for it. I therefore decided at the age of 61 to make my first bodybuilding comp my fitness goal. In 6 months I lost 10kgs and well and truly exceeded my expectations by competing in a big comp in darling harbour Exhibition Centre in front of a very large crowd. The main thing I have discovered in the process is the importance of nutrition. I have worked on keeping a food diary and feel in my experience that was the most powerful weight loss tool. 


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