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Gaye Clark

I feel stronger and happier than I have done in a long time.
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Client from Engadine | Trainer: Jeremy Saville

Before Gaye-Before
After Gaye-After

I had a friend who had started at Vision a few months earlier, they had a bring a friend for free for the month of January. She asked me if I would go with her. I asked her if it would help her journey and of course the answer was yes. I thought that I looked ok and didn’t really need to go but, I was happy to go along for the free ride. That was 2 years ago. I actually used to go to the gym in my younger days but, I have never enjoyed exercise so much. Vision has taught me about food and exercise and together the combination that works to better my health and fitness. I have lost 9kg so far and have strength and tone where I haven’t seen it in a long time. I have never felt better. I have more energy now and am motivated to continue my journey. I have people asking me what I’m doing as they have noticed the changes. I have so many new friends. It’s not a normal gym, it’s actually a place where the trainers care, it is always their top priority to make sure you feel happy, healthy and have a great life balance to be a better you. I feel stronger and happier than I have done in a long time

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