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Felicity Worton

"Success is not just at the end of the road"
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Client from Engadine

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The most valuable lesson I have learnt from Vision Personal Training is that success is not just at the end of the road. You may set yourself a goal to be completed by a certain date, but if you don't do it in your own allotted time frame, you consider yourself a failure... I always did at least. It was my initial and overall goal to lost 40kg within 8 months of joining Vision and while I came close to completing this, changes to my lifestyle have meant changes to my weight loss timeline. I have no regrets in the decisions I have made throughout my time with Vision, and the trainers have supported my goals 100%; it is the reason why I look back over the past 10 months and see just how far I have progressed with my weight loss and why I consider myself to be successful even if I am still on the way to the big FOUR-O!

In August 2017, I was part of the same gym I had been a member of for 3 years - it once helped me lose over 30kg, but after putting that much weight back on, it didn't inspire my weight loss anymore. I wasn't actually looking for a new gym, but it's funny how picking up a friend after a gym class for dinner turned into a nudge in the right direction with the mention of a 4-week free trial. I never intended to permanently switch gyms, but I fell in love with Vision within a week and having a trainer who treats you more like an old friend than a client made me want to give my weight loss goals another chance. With Vision, I have come to understand that I cannot put a price in the quality of my life.

1 have lost 38.1kg to date, I have entered two 9-week challenges and won one of them, I have been named Client of the Month twice, completed fun runs/events (and considered outrageous suggestions from my trainer of entering half marathons with curiosity, not just fear), met a group of amazing friends and mentors, and I have pushed myself further than I ever thought I could. I never felt that I was lacking the confidence to be myself, nor did I think I needed the support of an amazing place like Vision to back me but having such a dynamic community to listen and push me has given me an incredible confidence boost - it has allowed me to live my life more freely than I otherwise would have. I love what my life has become thanks to Vision Personal Training and it makes me wonder if I would know how much I would be missing if I hadn't decided to give it a go.

Without knowing the Vision lifestyle, I can't imagine having the perseverance to continue losing weight, but I have every intention of smashing my goals moving forward, before creating new ones!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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