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Erin Giacon

30kgs lost
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Client from Wollongong | Trainer: Kevin Tran

Before Erin-Before
After Erin-After

I was always confident in my own body but I felt unattractive and like I was being held back. I was constantly tired and I hated clothes shopping, especially with my friends who were all average sizes and could walk into any boutique. I avoided social events where I felt like I couldn't dress the part or keep up with everyone else physically. Never in a million years would I have even entertained the idea of going for a grade 4 hike or run when I couldn't make it 100m let alone 21km. I always used the excuse of well if I eat healthy I must be healthy, being overweight is my healthy. I'd go for a stroll now and then and I'd tell myself that cleaning the house was a "work out". Then I'd "reward" myself with a block of chocolate and a tub of ice-cream. I was not admitting my bad habits of over eating and maintaining an exercise routine that was challenging me and improving my fitness.

I was surprised at the level of support from my trainer and how genuine and invested they became in getting me to improve and succeed. Then when the program started to work and the weight came off I was surprised how my body started changing both physically and physiologically. I started to see definition in my muscles and I had so much more strength, stamina and energy, even though I was so much more active. The benefits for me have obviously been the change to my health both physically and mentally, but the best things have been the people I have met, the new friends I have made throughout my journey and the experiences I have had along the way. I have grown to love the outdoors and 6am starts. I can't believe I missed 20 years of sunrises and the good times and laughs you can have getting to the gym, doing a personal challenge and team events.
Get in and give it a go. It really is more than just a body transformation. For someone like me, it has been a total evolution, physically, mentally and socially.

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