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Emily W

Improved posture, no neck pain and lost 8kg.
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Client from Surrey Hills | Trainer: Erika Villalobos

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I previously had gym memberships that I found myself paying for and never really going. I seemed to lack the motivation, confidence and the expertise to train independently at a gym. From having poor posture, I’ve had chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. I had been encouraged by my physio to improve my strength to try and assist with improving my posture and eliminating the neck pain. I work full-time as a teacher and often felt tired and lethargic at the end of the workday. I also realised I lacked strength when I was unable to lift up my 5-year-old nephew onto my sister’s shoulders! I have also been dancing for a few years a couple of times a week as a form of cardio and for a hobby.

My physio noticed only after a few months of doing weight training that my posture had already started to improve, which I found hard to believe after only a short amount of time. After prioritising my health and training I’ve felt an increase in energy and in my fitness levels. The team at Vision PT are always so kind and encouraging and have helped to build my confidence in weight training and feeling like I belong going to a gym.

To date, I’ve lost 8kg and feeling so much fitter and stronger. My posture continues to improve and my neck pain is minimal. I’m now eating a much more balanced diet with encouragement from my trainer and through tracking using the MyVision app. My trainer has helped me to find ways to increase protein in my diet in a way that suits my lifestyle with delicious recipe suggestions. I’ve also noticed that since improving my strength it has helped me with my dancing as well. I can also now lift my nephew onto my sister’s shoulders!

My Mum had commented on how my fitness and strength had improved, so she decided to join Vision PT as well! It has been great to see her reaching her fitness and health goals and enjoying her PT sessions with her trainer. At the beginning I felt so nervous and out of place weight training, but the trainers were so encouraging and celebrated every win along the way. My trainer makes the sessions fun and enjoyable whilst always encouraging me to keep going if I’m finding it hard.

I urge anyone considering taking that step to dive in. Give it a go and that the team at Vision PT will definitely look after you. The team was so understanding about how nervous I felt and were very reassuring. It’s possible for someone to achieve results in a short amount of time by sticking to their programme and through the support and accountability from their trainer.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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