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David Hollanders

16 kilo loss
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Client from Rose Bay

Before David Hollanders (before)
After David Hollanders (after)

Q:How did you feel before joining Vision Personal Training?  I was constantly tired and stressed. I knew I had let things go with my fitness and waistline and yet felt like I had no energy to change anything.

Q:What was the trigger for you to join? I was ready, then a Trainer from Vision came into my store suggested I go into a prize draw for some free sessions. I scored the prize and got some training sessions and access to the vision website and food diary, I didnt look a gift horse in the mouth, I signed up. I had nothing to lose except excess weight. 

Q:What results have you had? Once motivated through actually doing something, I changed my diet, followed the food diary and started to lose weight. I followed the advice given to me by my Personal Trainer, who kept me accountable and encouraged me at every stage, from the small victories like losing the first 5kgs to running with me around the eastern suburbs.

I lost over 20kgs and have kept it off for more than 12 months, but more important than that, I have energy and I'm as fit at 47 as I have ever been.     

Q:How do you feel now since your results? More energy to enjoy my young family, and it's a buzz when people tell you you're looking great.  

Q:What would you say to anyone that needs to lose weight? You will know when you're ready to make changes, but you gain far more by losing the weight. It changes your life.

I only wish I had found Vision Personal Training 5 years ago.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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