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Cecilia Wang

Be better, be stronger, be healthier and be happier
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Client from Engadine

Cecilia Wang (after)

5th of January 2019 is a very remarkable day in my life, the first time I have stepped into a GYM, my life has changed since then…

After having a baby, my weight and body shape was totally out of my control.  I refused to be in any photos, didn't even want to look into mirror and a whole wardrobe of never worn clothes made me desperate.

One day, Vison Personal Training's advertisement popped up on my Facebook page and after looking at the reviews, I decided to go in for a trial and obviously it was the right decision I have ever made.

Trent, my best ever trainer in my life, always pushes me hard from weekly training, to starting to run, which I really hated to do before, to a Spartan Race (oh my God), this is also the first race I have attended in my life and still cannot believe I got a medal from it.

After 5 months with the Vision Engadine family, I've lost 7.3kgs of body weight and 4kgs of total fat mass, 5% body fat down, can run 5kms in 35 minutes and can wear all of my old trousers.

I'm enjoy challenging myself now to reach every goal I have set….BE BETTER, BE STRONGER, BE HEALTHIER AND BE HAPPIER.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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