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Cameron Williams

62.7 kg and 100cm lost
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Client from Wollongong

Before Cameron Williams (before)
After Cameron Williams (after)

I did not feel good about myself. I had convinced myself over time that nothing was wrong and that my weight was not a big issue, despite the numerous health issues that were present or arising as a result. I had not made the improvements to my health earlier both out of a lack of determination to change, as well as a lack of guidance as to how to make sustainable changes. It seemed too difficult to make changes to my eating and exercise habits.

I think I was most surprised about the amount and types of food that I could still have while training at Vision. To me, trying to lose weight had always meant eating less and only eating certain types of foods. Through training at Vision, I was able to see that a weight loss journey can still include foods that I enjoy, while learning how to appropriate them into a healthier eating and exercise routine. The biggest benefit, aside from the weight loss and the healthier life style, would be the new frame of mind that I had developed. I now look at food and exercise in a vastly different light than I did before joining Vision. I see exercise as something enjoyable rather than a chore. Healthier eating has become the norm in my daily life. I now attempt to find healthier options to incorporate into my daily meal plans as I enjoy trying these healthier meals.

I did not think any program would work for me at the stage I was at. Even when I did come in and speak with the trainers myself, I was sceptical about whether it would work, not because of the Vision program, but because of the type of person I was and the frame of mind I was in. After talking with the Trainers, I decided to sign up and give it a go. It was definitely worth it.


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