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Bev Francis

23kg Lost
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Wollongong

Before Bev Franks (before)
After Bev Franks (after)

I was sad, I felt like Gloria the hippo from the cartoon movie Madagascar. I hated going clothes shopping and hated the fact I was large. I felt very time poor with work and my daughter's dancing, I always thought I would stop and make time to go for walks or something but never did. I have discovered that I can exercise and eat correctly plus my trainer Daniel believes in the fact I can do this. My weight loss has made me feel very proud of myself in many ways: my recent trip away, my old self would have opted to catch the tram to places but now my daughter and I walked every day and I'm very proud to say that over 5 days away we clocked up 83.61km! I have found Vision to be very friendly and non-judging of your shape /size. What makes them different is you can talk/text whenever you need help and have the Vision app to help make your eating choices better.

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