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5kg Fat Loss
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Client from Darlinghurst | Trainer: Hayden Pronin


I LOVE exercise and all things movement, but after too many months of being sedentary I knew I needed a kick up the bum and someone to hold me accountable.

Luckily for me, Granby and his soon-to-be best friend Milo locked eyes through the windows of Vision Darlinghurst and led me to just the guy! Hayden has pushed me harder than I’d push myself and has been super supportive throughout every hurdle.

The hardest part of training with Hayden is his love of high reps. I would usually refuse to do anything higher than 8, but Hayden’s “trust me, it’ll be worth it” attitude has helped me get back to my old strength quickly, and I have no doubt I’ll surpass it if I keep showing up.

I’m also quietly (super) proud of myself for knowing what I need to get the results I want, for backing myself, and for taking the process seriously. My journey with strength training has always been a good one, but my relationship with “diets” not so much. Having some guidance for nutrition has helped a bunch, and I actually really enjoy tracking my macros!

A final thank you to Hayden - for being so good at your job, having a dog friendly studio, and for not flinching when I call you names when I hit reps 12-15 :)

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