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Bec Weekes

I achieved more than I could ever hope for!
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Client from Engadine

Bec Weekes (after)


I started training with Vision only 3 months ago, but the experience and knowledge I have gained will last me a life time.

I grew up as a dancer with long hours and hard training. I thought that once I left dancing I would know enough and continue training and eating 'the right foods' to get by.

It wasn't until I began to dread buying new clothes, never finding anything I liked and having to buy larger and larger sized clothes that I finally realised I couldn't do this on my own. Finishing up my studies was a highly stressful time and I was finding it very difficult to cope with intense workload and my personal life at the same time.

I had very unique goals from the beginning.  I wanted to decrease my resting heart rate, and I wanted to be able to run 3kms. During the 9 week weight loss challenge, I lost 10kgs (16.15% BW), dropped my RHR and managed to run 12kms I could not have achieve this without the huge efforts, help and constant encouragement from my Trainer.

The support provided by all the staff and clients here kept me accountable and I achieved more than I could hope for.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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