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Barbara Smith

I have a new lease on life!
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Client from Bundall

Before Barbara Smith (before)
After Barbara Smith (after)

I have several chronic health problems including a degenerative disease for which there is no treatment. I knew I had to maximise my physical health if I wanted to stay active, flexible, and strong for as long as possible.

At my very first session I discovered my Trainer spoke directly to my concerns and was genuinely interested in having me as a Client. At my first Group Training session I found everybody was welcoming and supportive. 

I went to the Seminars and kept my appointments. I threw out "bad" food and learned to work my "macros". I kept the journal and became accountable to my Trainer and myself. I loved my Trainer and did not want to let him down.  I was losing some extra weight and gaining little muscles.

After 5 months it was clear my body shape had changed. I had muscle tone and definition. I felt comfortable in my skin, and could lift much more than ever before. I had lost the craving for breads and pasta and sweet buns and cakes that I had thought I could never give up. Although I now eat plenty my weight has stabilised. And when I travel in the future I will cope better with airline flights and all the walking around in foreign cities. 

Results come from good information, steady work, thoughtful eating, and regular encouragement and acknowledgement of your progress. It can be hard to change your diet, and I think it is best done with Vision.

What I found helpful

  • A good protein powder supplement
  • Revive Group Training sessions to learn to stretch and how muscles work
  • Ideas for food and meals to try
  • Seminars that explained metabolism and food absorption
  • Keeping suitable food on hand at all times, even away from home

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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