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Aurora Perossa

10.4kg and 30cms lost
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Wollongong

Before Aurora Perossa (before)
After Aurora Perossa (after)

Before I started Vision, I was asking myself could I change my mind set and my lifestyle by adapting to Vision at the age 57 and really lose weight, was this possible? The doctor had mentioned to me I had high sugar levels and could become a Diabetic just like my dad unless I changed what I was going to do in the next 12months. What a wakeup call that was to either stay chubby and fat and start to take tablets or injections or fight this. I am now clear of any medications and can play with my Grandchildren. Vision has changed my life and I encourage people to take this journey like myself and try to believe that it's never too late. I have proven today, that YOU can achieve your goals in life with Vision.

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