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Ashleigh Arkinstall

I now live the happy life I knew I deserved
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Client from Engadine

Before Ashleigh Arkinstall (before)
After Ashleigh Arkinstall (after)

Before Vision Personal Training, I would have described a person to you who is now a distant memory. I would have told you I was uninspired and significantly unhappy in most aspects of my life.

I was a heavy smoker, morbidity obese, took little pride in my appearance and even less in my mentality. Deep down I knew I was in trouble. It finally took not only close people in my life to have the courage to speak up, but someone my age very suddenly passed away. I was shocked and very taken by how much it affected me.

Overall, I decided to make a change to either continue down a destructive path, or I get up and live my life to the fullest. I have now lost 25kg, ran the S2S and now working towards running my first half marathon and improving my original S2S time. I have also let go of my destructive habits. I have reconnected with certain hobbies such as playing netball and swimming. Ultimately, I enjoy life more and live the happy life I knew I deserved.

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