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Ivan's top Weight loss tips

In this Vision Personal Training article, we expert Personal Trainer Ivan from Vision Brookvale, shares his top weight loss tips you'll want to read!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Ivan Valcarcel at Brookvale

Just thought I'd write up some tips on how to stay on track over summer. It's easy to sit back and look for excuses and use them to skip exercise , and not eat right, whether it's spring summer autumn or winter, the 2 main things still remain the same, you have to eat well, and move , it's a very simple but effective formula, today I'll give you some tips on how to avoid some common mistakes I've seen .

1. Buying "fat-free" food

If you see "fat free", or "diet" or "sugar free", put the package down, do not make eye contact and back away from it. Many people see these words and think they are buying healthy, but it is far from healthy. When companies take these out, they have to replace them, they generally include chemicals you can't pronounce, refined carbohydrates or good old sugar. Stay away from the processed packaged pre-made foods, and stick with fresh whole foods with minimal ingredients

2. Not eating enough

If you want to lose fat, the logical step would be to eat less right? It makes sense the less I eat the more I will lose right? Wrong!!!, this might work short -term, but it will cause your metabolism to slow right down, then there will be no fat loss at all! Worst case scenario, your body will break down your muscle for fuel, which will slow down your metabolism down even further, NIGHTMARE!!

3. Hopping on the latest fad diet

If you've tried the hormone diet, the cabbage diet, the blood type diet, or some crazy liquid/detox diet, ... LISTEN UP, they are just a fad, with the "latest research" that's how they suck you in, they will work, but they only work for a short time, when you go back to normal life you will put all the weight back on, and then some,

4. Clocking out for the weekend

This one gets to me, for some reason you are good Monday to Friday but at 5pm on Friday afternoon you clock out of the office and your nutrition plan. Eating whatever you want over the weekend, will ruin all your hard work of during the week, and might even reverse it, why would you do that to yourself, Saturday and Sunday still has 24 hours, still has a sunrise and a sunset, it's the same as every other day, and without work in the way , you have even more time to exercise and prepare your meals

5. Forgetting to live life

Do you put yourself down if you only got 4 meals in today instead of 5? Do you weigh every gram of broccoli that you eat, do you have a panic attack if meal 4 doesn't come 2 ½ hours after meal 3?? If so , then you need to relax a bit, you know what to eat, you just have to go and do it, have 5 meals a day spread them out, move every day, and your results will come... instead of going to the movies with the family, why not go for a nice bike ride and a picnic by the beach, followed by a swim, it really is that simple

Hope these tips help!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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