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How To Stay On Track While On Holidays

Here at Vision Personal Training, we know the holidays can present challenges. Let our experts show you how to stay on track over the holiday season.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Kassandra Mowll at Engadine

How many of you have worked really hard, sweating it out in the studio and sticking to your macros for months, to lose weight, gain muscle, or get fit? Who is about to go on holidays with the intention or fear of coming back '10kg heavier'? Well, who says you have to? Whenever I'm on holidays, whether it's overseas or at home over the Christmas break, these are the 4 tips I live by:


  1. Moderation
  2. Hydration
  3. Make exercise fun
  4. R&R



Enjoying a holiday should be about the things you do, new experiences you endure and places you see, not about how many nutella crepes you can eat or how many cocktails you can drink by the beach. However, I'm not saying you can't enjoy those things in moderation.

When on holidays, I like to start my day off with a big healthy breakfast, like eggs on toast with some avocado and veggies, and maybe some fresh fruit. It's the most important meal of the day, so I like to pick foods that will keep me energized rather than go for the pancakes and maple syrup option.

I order a big salad for every lunch and dinner meal, it's important to get your fresh veggies in, and on top of that, I order what I want. 'What I want' is not necessarily always a 'bad' food. It could be a piece of fish and on the occasion, it could be a pizza. I like to look through the whole menu and listen to what I really feel like eating, and not just order for the sake of ordering something unhealthy because I'm on holidays. Regardless, I eat the salad first to make sure I've gotten all my nutrients in for the day, and the space I have left, I enjoy something tasty.

I also LOVE to share. So big meals I'll share with someone, desserts I'll always share, that way I avoid over eating or over indulging on certain foods.

It's important to remember that you still need to eat well and eat your fruits and veggies, but don't forget you're on holidays as well. You can indulge in moderation without feeling guilty as long as it doesn't become a daily habit.



Exercise doesn't mean you need to book a hotel with a gym so you can stress over training every morning and night while you're away. Make it fun! Walking is always the easiest kind of training to fit into your day. I love it because I get to walk the streets of a new area and discover cool new places that would otherwise be missed if I got a cab or spent all day sitting around.

I also never leave out doing all the fun activities to keep me moving too. Swimming, snorkelling, skiing, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, rock climbing etc. are all great ways to get moving and keep it fun, without even feeling like your exercising.



A cocktail or two a day might quench your thirst, but make sure you're drinking plenty of water during the day. It's important to keep hydrated to flush out waste and energize your muscles and mind. Especially if you're doing a lot of walking or lying out on the beach, your body needs to replace lost fluids and to regulate your body temperature whilst out in the sun.



At the end of the day, I like to remember that I'M ON HOLIDAYS, and it's not going to kill me to not be lifting weights and spending an hour in the gym doing cardio everyday like I do at home. Your body can't handle that stress day in and day out, and sometimes it needs to rest and recover just as much as your mind does. Sleep in, relax on the beach, get some sun, and come back focused and ready to set some new goals. You'll be stronger and more motivated than ever when you allow yourself the time to reset your body and mind.


Kassandra Mowll

Personal Trainer

Vision Personal Training Engadine

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