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Exercise is Selfish

If there is one selfish thing you should start doing, it's taking time out for yourself to exercise! Let our Vision PT experts show you why.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jeff Osborne at Bundall

One of the biggest hurdles clients at Vision Bundall need to overcome is the constant battle for their time and energy. Almost all of our clients are busy! Work, Business, Kids, travel, commitments, the list goes on! 

The main reason they are in their situation when they start at Vision is because for years they put everybody else and their needs before their own. Then they justify it with the position they have been selfless.

The truly selfless thing is to be selfish about your own health! You owe it to yourself and everyone around you (especially if you are viewed as a role model by anyone) to look after you.

Now I am not saying everyone on the planet should be in athlete condition and workout for hours everyday! I am saying neglecting your health and being overweight is not only bad for you… it is bad for the people around you and it is affecting you all!

One of my clients here at the studio had a huge internal struggle with the responsibility she felt as a business owner to her employees and as a mother to her kids. As a result she would work long hours and do anything for her kids! Being a new father and business owner, I completely get where she is coming from! That sense of obligation is massive! Even I have even fallen into the trap of neglecting my health and fitness at times. However when I helped her realise she wasn't doing anyone any favours by living this way, she started to get it. What really hit home was when I asked her: "What are you subconsciously teaching your children to do with their lives? Eat crap, not look after themselves and live an unhealthy life?" The only way she could show them that it is important to be healthy and look after themselves is to be that example. 

Once she got her own fitness and health sorted, guess what happened? She became a better employer, had more energy at work and more left over when she got home for the kids, she was a better parent, she was more confident and enjoyed her life more and she even had some energy left over for her husband. The result, the kids now love to exercise and look after themselves, they eat healthier, her husband is into it too and business is going great!

Remember this… When your airplane is taxiing and the safety demonstration starts they ALWAYS ask you to fix your own air mask before assisting others. You know why that is, do the same with your health! Because nobody gets in good shape and says I wish I never did that!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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