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The Importance Of Eating Frequently Throughout The Day

The concept of eating more frequently throughout the day can be a difficult one to grasp. Let Vision PT show you why it's so important!
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Jess Gazal at Rose Bay

Nutrition contributes to over 70% of your overall result… that we know - but just how important is it to be eating regularly throughout the day? Can undereating be just as bad as overeating?

The answer to that question is YES! As Trainers, we hear and see all too often clients skipping and not prioritising their meals throughout the day. When we break it down food is our fuel, it is how we get through the day, so it's important we fuel our body correctly based on our needs and how much energy we are exerting throughout the day.

As we eat our body breaks down the food we've consumed, the sugar from this is released and enters our bloodstream which results in what we know as our blood sugar levels.  Eating consistent meals 3 - 6 times throughout the day or every 3 - 5 hours results in a constant and steady flow of nutrients to our body and brain ensuring that the energy we are burning throughout the day can be sustained.

Our bodies are capable of digesting food in 4 hours, therefore naturally it makes sense to keep refuelling the body at this point with frequent, nutrient dense meals keeping your metabolism working throughout the day.

When you skip a meal your body's metabolism slows down to hold onto the food as long as possible which can change your metabolic rate over time. When blood sugar levels drop after not being sustained through missing a meal a person can become tired, moody and light headed. When experiencing these feelings of fatigue your body wants a 'quick fix' generally something sugary or carb dense and for most people it leads to overeating in the next meal once cravings hit.

The best way to ensure you are maintaining these 3 - 6 meals a day is through preparation. Preparing not only what it is you will be eating throughout the day but also when you can eat, actually writing meal times in a diary or setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder of when to eat can be beneficial as you start progressing to the more frequent meals. Break the 3 - 6 meals down into smaller quantities to ensure it is realistic for you to consume and start off by adding just one extra meal each day.

This simple change will ensure you see an increase in your energy levels, reduced food cravings and your metabolism consistently working to fast track your results!

As an example, if you were eating two meals a day and aimed to go straight to 5 you will initially gain weight, the key is small incremental changes, your metabolism will catch up and you will end up having to eat more to lose weight. How good is that?!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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