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Challenges faced when eating out Socialising and what is a "Cheat Day"?

In this Vision Personal Training article we discuss how to stay on track when faced with challenges when dining out. Click here to read more.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Drew Robinson at Prahran

When going out for meals with family and friends it's important that we make the right choices to stay on track with our nutrition if we wish to reach our desired goal.

Here's a quick 5 Hot Tips:

Tip 1- When ordering food be the first to order and set an example for others around you.
Tip 2 - Be aware that even when ordering a salad ask for the dressing on the side. Same with sauces when ordering something else.
Tip 3 - Be careful of the serving size. Some dishes can be very large and enough to fill you twice over (well almost). If the portion size is large eat enough to fill full and just ask to take the rest home in a goodie bag.
Tip 4 - Enjoy the other people's company as much as possible. This will help slow down your eating if you naturally eat quickly.
Tip5 - Order a side of vegetables. This will help fill you up but not blow out those calories.

Alcohol at meal times

Drink water with your meal instead of alcohol. Alcohol as you know can cause increase weight gain when eaten with high carb foods as the body can only process the alcohol in your body before starting work on the carbohydrates.

If you do choose to drink alcohol try having water in between each one to stay hydrated and put off the dreaded hangover. Alcohol can stimulate your appetite so when combining this at meal time you're more than likely to consume more food than you would normally.

The day after is the best time get a low to moderate exercise session and kick start the removal of the toxins from the body. Be aware alcohol does dehydrate us, you'll need to keep drinking water throughout the entire day.

If you are a spirit drinker, try using a dash of water as a mixer instead or even a sugar free option. With beer try having a lower carb beer or low alcohol.

Cheat Days

Contrary to popular belief, spiking your calories once a week can increase fat loss!! This is due to being able to maximise your metabolism.

These meals can be high carbohydrate/calorie as following a long-term food plan can deprive you of the food you love and diets that do this never last long.

Cheat days have several benefits. They satisfy your need to eat that one meal you really crave and the short-term break from the food plan can spike your metabolism. You're also less likely to over indulge in the week if you know you have one meal a week where you can.

As everyone knows 70% of the results you will get come from nutrition so understanding how this all works is very important. You can make you favourite meals even healthier but still have those pizzas, pastas, burgers, tacos or whatever it is you're craving to help calorie spike and burn fat.

Just be careful not to go overboard with the cheat meal. Remember it is a meal and not a whole day or more!!!

For any further question, tips or advice ask one of the Vision Personal Trainers in studio or send us an email to Other people who liked this article also liked "Our Keys Must to Weight Loss"



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