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Why It's Important To Set "What Next" Goals

You've heard of goal setting, but what about what's next goal setting? Let Vision PT show you why setting what's next goals is so important.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Simon McDonald - Vision Personal Training Five Dock at Five Dock

A massive part of why Vision Personal training was created was to help our clients achieve life changing and life- long results.  We do this by working with our clients on what they initially came to us for, for example wanting to lose 10 kilos by 30th June because of Wedding, Reunion, Holiday, Doctors orders etc.  We also pose the question "when you have lost the 10 kilos by 30th June what will that now allow you to do?  Or something like "now that you have lost 10kilos what is something you have always wanted to do but have been too scared, felt unfit, not ready or even contemplated doing?  The answer is normally something along the lines of continuing to change body shape into a place not seen for many years if at all, working towards a new found love such as getting fitter or faster or something to do with getting the body stronger or more flexible.  It is then our role as coaches to help develop the plan, find an event or help find clarity and something measurable that gives us the same emotional kick that we had when we first started.

In the same way that a financial planner maps out a journey based on a desired outcome, Vision Personal trainers have the ability to create a health and fitness journey that ensures you are always looking forward and not being content on "not going backwards".  The funny thing about the brain is that if all you do is say to yourself "I'm not going to go backwards and put the 10kilos back on", "I'm not going to go backwards and put the 10kilos back on",  "I'm not going to go backwards and put the 10kilos back on", over and over, guess what happens? You put the 10 kilos back on again!  We get what we focus on and looking backwards means the habits we displayed will slowly come creeping back and before too long you wake up one day feeling like you have to start all over again.

The last thing we want to hear is a client who has gone backwards to where they initially started from or even worse. It is so easy for old habits to resurface, you will know when they do as they come in the form of less effort exerted in training or feeling of boredom or missing training sessions altogether, eating that extra meal whilst out or indulging more than once week or a few more alcoholic drinks than what you use to and little by little we go backwards.

To really achieve lifelong health and fitness results we should be doing things we never thought possible, things that surprise us, make us proud of our dedication and consistency, involve our circle of influence and give us a reason to keep looking forward. If exercise has never really been a priority growing up or if you are at the body weight/shape/size that you can honestly look in the mirror and say to yourself "I love the way I look" then think about perhaps learning to run 5km nonstop, learn to ride a bike or swim or kayak or complete push ups or chin ups.  Give yourself the opportunity and permission to visual what you would love to achieve if there was nothing holding you back, or if you have kids what kind of role model do you want to be to your children, what value they place in their health and fitness comes directly from you. Look for local events and give yourself a deadline as this provides the "hook" as you don't want to show up on the day without doing the work (or perhaps you wouldn't show up at all)

You will be amazed at the impact this has in all parts of your life, how you approach work, spending time with children or family, the energy you have to attack each day with purpose and excitement.  Making our health a top priority, whereas for most people health comes somewhere around 5th or 6th on their priority list.  This means you can have confidence that your destiny is in your own hands and that if you were to ever go "backwards" again or relapse for whatever reason, you are only returning to the most recent position and never to the place where you originally at all those years ago.  That person is a distant memory, it doesn't define who you are or the habits that you now have.

So think about "what next" in your health and fitness journey and use your trainer to help create an exciting and challenging plan to help you!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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