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Why do I need activation exercises?

When racing to your next workout it can be tempting to skip the warm-up and get straight to business.

By Wynette Monserrat, Personal Trainer at Balgowlah

However, that would be a mistake if you want to get the most out of your precious workout time. We need to prepare our mind and body for the workout ahead and completing an activation sequence is a great way to get ready. An activation sequence is a short series of exercises that encourage the muscles to switch on and start working which is called activation. They are important to complete before both strength and cardio workouts.

When muscles are “activated” the body is ready to train and our muscles will work in harmony to create safe and efficient movement. While some dominant muscles will activate easily, other weaker muscles may need some stimulation to help them fire up. Doing an activation sequence prior to training creates a mind to muscle connection so that all the muscles are stimulated and know that they are needed for the workout. When activated we will be able to work the correct muscles at the correct time for a particular movement which is important to avoid injury and maximise performance. Activation sequences take just a few minutes, and your trainer can recommend the most suitable activation sequences for you based on the workout you will be completing and any muscle weaknesses you may exhibit.

To help you prepare on your own prior to your training session, there are 20 different activation exercise sequences videos in the Activity tab of MyVision. Just tap Add Activity and the full list of sequences will appear ranging in length from one to four minutes. So, get yourself ready for an awesome workout by completing an activation sequence before your next training session.

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