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Is Running For You?

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By Theo Gibson, Personal Trainer at Balgowlah

I have many Clients who think running should be their go to for cardio but here are a few tips of why it's not always the best route and ideas around these.

Most of our Clients come into Vison for weight loss and most likely haven't ran for a few years. With the complicated mechanics of running and load through your body is large. Add these all together and we have a high risk of injury. So here are my tips.

  1. Are you ready for running? First let’s walk before we can run. Fast paced walking has been shown to burn 70-80% of the calories of running the same distance. Also, a lot less risk of injury as there is less through our joints.
  2. Try walking up hills as it activates your glutes and posterior chain so strengthening all the muscles we do not use when sitting, giving us better mechanics when we move to running.
  3. Use a treadmill first! Most in today’s market have flex decks in them taking out about 30-50% of impact load out of your joints.
  4. Sand running is great for switching it up, lower impact, builds lower body strength, builds foot and ankle strength making planter fascia injury less likely, increases core strength through unstable base.
  5. If you hate running, why do it? Just because its what your last PT told you or your friends all do it? Why not choose something you will enjoy doing and therefor will stick to and be motivated to do, here are some examples:-
  • Boxing – Great cardio, building core, upper strength, and co-ordination.
  • Cycling, Road or Mountain – Travel further seeing more, lots of clubs for social side and low impact.
  • Swimming – Low impact, great for all over muscle building, if in sea may see some great sea life.
  • Surfing – Great cardio and get vitamin D at the same time.
  • Kayaking – Get out on the water great for upper body strength.

If you decide running is what you want to do please get some correct footwear, not the old pair you’ve had lying around the house or wear to the shops every day. Go see a professional running shop about what shoe is best for you and your goals.

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